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We couldn’t just tell people how incredible Paralympians are, we had to show it.




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The sad truth is, Paralympians don’t get nearly as many accolades and/or attention as Olympians do.

And as the first ever mobility sponsor for both the Olympic and Paralympic games, Toyota was on a mission to elevate the Paralympics and its athletes. But first, we needed to change the way people perceive the games – and the magnitude of their achievements.

We knew we had something great on our hands, and luckily, we had brave clients who truly believe in their mission “mobility for all.” Next, we needed to see if Menna was interested in giving people access to her unique POV. Luckily for us, she was.

So when we had the idea of taking the most visual platform, Instagram, and flipping it on it’ head to showcase visually impaired athletes, we knew we had something special.