We Are Saatchi

But what is Saatchi?

You know we like doing impossible things

And you might know we’re pretty big. But we’re not like, Death Star big. We’re more like four spaceships flying in formation. 

And people think we’re a massive TV shop (Ok, that’s true). But we’re also hugely awarded for our work in experiential, social and digital. We create pop culture moments that resonate across the media landscape.

And being big, we can throw meaningful resources behind the things we care about. So yes, we’re big. But that’s part of how we make big changes in the world.

We fall in love with the problem, not the solution.

What is Radical Clarity? It’s what you achieve by cutting through complexity and humanizing all that beautiful data. Because that’s when your impossible goal becomes radically, unmistakably clear — as does your path to achieving it. And with an army of communication professionals on the job, we smash impossible with provocative ideas. Ones that we all get behind. And when you tell people about them, they respond with words we can’t use on this website. That’s when we know we’re on to something. From there we hone the idea, execute it beautifully, and launch it on the world.

Our People

Creativity is about making connections.

And we’ve been lucky enough to connect with the best and brightest. At every level across all four Saatchi offices—from leadership to internship—our diverse team brings unique perspectives that drive endless innovation. And even in virtual meetings, we always keep it real.

Everyone brings something to the table.

We do impossible things by combining a spectrum of perspectives in new and fresh ways. We want every point of view in the house and in the work. So we’ve implemented numerous Support and Diversity Initiatives throughout the network.

Saatchi Diversity Task Force

Founded in the summer of 2020, and run by volunteers across all departments, SDTF’s mission is to promote Saatchi as a progressive institution by initiating organizational development in diversity and inclusion.

Viva – Women of Color

A sub-division of Viva Women! Viva Women of Color was created to give a voice to and retain women of color in our network. Through regular open conversations, we seek to use genuine dialogue to create change and impact for women of color in the network.

MOCA – Men of Color Alliance

We’re dedicated to recruiting, acclimating, and retaining a wide range of men with valuable life perspectives for our work and clients. Participation is key, and something we are striving for every day.


Taking its name from the French word for equality, Égalité is committed to Publicis’ reputation as an employer of choice for LGBTQ+ and their allies by promoting equality in the workplace, supporting the LGBTQ+ community, and helping to develop leaders who can elevate our clients' brands within the hearts and minds of the mainstream and LGBTQ+ worlds. Égalité's programming is focused around four pillars: advocacy, education, community outreach, and business development.


Today’s talent is tomorrow’s CEOs. We’re providing guidance, empowerment and resources to young professionals and their allies - the generation who is going to change this planet and how business is done, for the better.

Viva Women

Women are over half the planet, and over half its talent. Viva Women was created to inspire and empower women to achieve their potential in Publicis Groupe. Women represent 50% of Groupe’s employees worldwide, yet less than 40% of key leadership roles. Representation in key Creative and Technology roles is even lower.

Publicis Parents

A Community of Caregivers parenting kids of all ages and stages. We want to support the other unpaid careers of so many of the folks in our network.

Saatchi Gives 50

We’re big believers in pro-bono work and like to help causes and organizations making a positive impact in the world. So, we donate 50 hours of work in NY, LA, Dallas and Seattle back to local businesses in those cities, with an emphasis on Black-owned and Black-led organizations. In addition, we’ve also done work for Amanda Foundation, Dallas Pets Alive and the Ad Council.