A Responsive Story

The Big Task is Toyota’s primary digital destination. Making it responsive was no easy task. But when our world-class strategy and creative teams put their minds to it, they crafted a sustainable platform that merged desktop, tablet and mobile into a flexible visual system. After all, beautifully functional designs are a must, and big results for our clients are our goal.

How did we take our most important pages from design to development in only two months?

Our design and development teams co-located to efficiently work as one unit to execute this massive challenge.

Creative Director

A mobile-concurrent design approach creates an optimized and responsive experience.

We design systems, not pages.

Experience Designer

Visitors Per Month


Increased Traffic to Gallery


Decrease in Bounce Rate

Build and Price is the most-used tool on, with more focus, guidance and simplicity than ever.

Remove clutter and reduce steps. Give people the right information at the right time.

Sr. Art Director


Visitors Per Month


Increase in Lead Conversion


Increase in Build Completion

Entune™ – a product story that engages shoppers and supports owners.

We unified three separate selection tools into one
and reduced steps from seven to five.

Experience Designer

200-Page Visual Style Guide. Interactive Pattern Library. Animation and Transition Documentation.