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The Challenge & Our Solution

We were tasked with helping to launch the 2016 Toyota Tacoma, but we were immediately met with a question: “How do you launch a vehicle in a compelling way when it is already the midsize pickup category leader?” It was simple: We told the truth.

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How do you stand out in a category full of hardworking, tough-talking trucks? Change the game...literally!

"Tacoma went from one of those 'tough guys' to one of those 'tough guys who love to play.' Hence, 'PLAY NOW!' was born."

Campaign Team Lead

The Campaign

The best way to stand out is to stand for something new. Tacoma wasn’t meant to haul tools and equipment; it was built for hauling motocross bikes and surfboards. So all we had to do was be honest: Tacoma is the ultimate play truck.

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The Work

Honesty was our best policy. Nothing was faked or contrived. Instead, we captured our target doing what they do best: playing. Then we added a rallying cry they all could understand: “Play Now.”

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Simply put, we kept it real. We hired real riders and drivers, people who weren’t afraid of getting a little dirty or banged up. We treated the trucks the same way, never making any effort to pretty them up.

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Print & OOH

We leveraged location data to build and target custom audience profiles—testing it across a digital lifestyle campaign. We also created Tacoma-branded pizza boxes to further connect with our target.

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Digital Impressions


Custom Partnerships


Custom Videos

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Tacoma handled the desert stunts even when we put the truck where we really shouldn’t have.
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