Home Runs for Hurricane Recovery

With hurricanes ravaging Puerto Rico and the Gulf region, T-Mobile recognized that Americans needed assistance to rebuild and move forward.


It was an example of creativity executed at the speed of culture that did actual good to boot. And to top it off, according to the MLB, it was the most talked-about spot a brand partner has ever run.







What We Did

To help, the wireless carrier leveraged their partnership with the MLB to raise funds toward rebuilding those communities hardest hit, by enlisting baseball fans across the U.S.

With that, #HR4HR was born: For every home run hit during the playoffs, T-Mobile would donate $10,000. And for every social media post fans posted with the hashtag, they'd donate another dollar. But when Hurricane Matthew hit, T-Mobile took things to the next level. During the World Series, they doubled both their donations per home run to $20,000, AND the amount per fan post to two dollars-dramatically increasing the funds that would go toward aid. To get the word out, we came up with the perfect manager.