By Day & By Night

Erica Cruz - Creative Coordinator By Day & Skateboarder / Musician By Night

April 27, 2022

By Day & By Night Spotlight – Erica Cruz, Saatchi Dallas

By day, I am a Creative Coordinator and provide executive administrative support to creative leadership, as well as run the weekly Agency Day meetings for client leadership. I also facilitate Dallas office functions by co-leading the Saatchi Dallas Connect Committee.

By night, I LOVE to skateboard and play/write music. I’ve been doing both for 30 years! I’ve also been vegetarian that long, so clearly momma loves to throw her chef apron on and spend hours in the kitchen. And at the risk of sounding sappy, I love hanging with my two teenagers – one of whom leaves me for Texas Tech this summer. Maybe that’s not unique, but I imagine being a 41-year-old woman and ripping up the skate ramps with my son is! LOL.

Here are some photos of my guitar and skateboard collection.