Movement is a human right.

“Our goal is to advance a truly mobile helping all people move, grow and a world that is safe, comfortable, and clean.”
—AKIO TOYODA (Toyota President and CEO)

Mobility solutions for all.

Throughout the campaign, we highlighted Toyota’s innovative mobility solutions to help shift perceptions of Toyota from a car company to a human movement company.

Their journey. Their impossible.

Our campaign highlights mobility stories from Olympians and Paralympians who overcame their own impossible. Here’s a few.

Born missing her left arm below the elbow and both legs, Lauren went on to beat the odds and went on to win eight Paralympic gold medals.


A U.S Navy veteran, 33 year-old Brad Snyder was injured abroad but didn’t let that stop him from becoming a five-time gold-winning swimming champion.


Barbara Buttrick shattered barriers for women in the ‘40s and ‘50s when boxing was generally thought to be an exclusively male sport. Originally from England, she is considered a pioneer in women’s boxing.


John Snesar strapped on his first pair of skates at the age of 12, but didn’t don a hockey goalie’s mask until twenty years later. Now, at 84, John plays against players nearly 30 years younger than him at least three times a week.